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Kawasaki ER-6N / Versys 650 
Part No. ER6.SM1 Road profiles offer a good compromise amongst the daily requirements from an automotive engine: smooth stable idle, good torque at low rpm, low exhaust emissions and substantial max power increase.Racing profiles offer a considerable power increase at high rpm and guarantee performances typical of a competition vehicle. The following are some of the parameters modified to improve the performance of an inte
al-combustion engine through new profile camshafts:increased valve lift, increased inlet/exhaust valve overlap and cylinder filling duration.An appropriate profile design having a good mixture of these parameters improves the engine performance with regard to its use. 
Camshafts codesER6.084.274S (1)
ER6.091.302S (1) 
ApplicationRoad medium 
Cam lift IN9.1 
Cam lift EX8.4 
Timing 49°-73° / 27°-67°  
Lobe center angles102°/110° 
Valve lift TDC2.2 / 1.4 
Clearance0.20 / 0.30
Price (for set)€ 504.00 
Prices are without TAX and SHIPMENT costs

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