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product code FUT.SM1

camshafts 1 x FUT.103.272S

use Road medium

In/Ex cam lift 10.3 / 8.9

total degrees 272° / 260°

distribution phase 24° - 68° / 62° - 18°

lobe center 112° /

lift at TDC In/Ex 1.8 / 0.8

valve clearance 0.45 / 0.5


€ 450,00 + VAT

the price is referred the single product and is without VAT and transport FEE


The road profiles offer a good compromise between the various daily use needs of an automotive engine: regular minimum, good torque at a low rpm, low exhaust emissions and a significant increase in maximum power.

The profiles for racing use offer a substantial increase in power at high rpm, guaranteeing typical performance of a racing vehicle.

Some of the parameters on which action is taken to improve the performance of an internal combustion engine through camshafts with a new profile are the increase in the lift of the valves, the increase in the crossing values ​​of the exhaust and intake valves and the duration of the cylinder filling phase. Through a correct design of a profile from the correct mix of these parameters, an improvement of the engine performance in relation to its use is obtained.

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